Look over our products, and if you have any question, send us an email or call. If you would like to schedule a date or dates please include the requested information in the contact field

Also, all cadets placing orders receive their individual portraits within 3 weeks of their photography date. As you will see in the galleries all the cadets are photographed for the composite with a regulation pose, but optional poses are available as well as background and posing variations. We also do sibling poses. 

We photograph all uniformed cadets present on photo day and make available a take home package that has all of the products we offer and that can be ordered. 

My name is Wally Hines and since 1983 we have been providing our customers with the best service, experience, and portrait services available. Our goal is to provide our clients with top notch photography, prompt delivery, and follow up services that we feel make us an industry leader.

There is no obligation for a cadet to make a purchase in order to be included in the group composite. Several purchase options are available and are outlined on the services page.

Full Service Photography Since 1983

Celebrating 37 Years!

Each JROTC unit we work with receives a framed, custom designed

composite of your group. Each cadet that is photographed is

included in the composite along with their name and rank. Our

composites start with individual portraiture of each cadet that is

present on photo day. These portraits are photographed against a

patriotic background and then compiled into a group composite

that you can be proud to display for years to come. There is no

charge to your unit for your composite.