Most of our units are provided with a take home package that has a variety of packages, frames and related products that can be ordered in advance. Cadets are provided with a full color 8 page brochure with all of these products, and a price menu along with an order envelope that can be turned in on or before the scheduled date for photography.

While we offer a variety of packages from basic to large combinations, parents can also order from our ala carte menu and pick and choose whatever they would like. This allows the parents to pick from any of our most popular combinations or, customize their own grouping, giving them exactly what they want or need.

Parents can order portraits with the standard regulation pose we do for the units composite or request one of several optional poses that we make available. All portraits are finished on professional archival paper and can be expected to last for many years to come.

Another popular option is in addition to preordering portraits in advance, we can come back on a scheduled date a week or two later and let the parents view their child's portraits and make their selections at that time. This option typically requires a day and that evening to accommodate the parents work schedules and to make things run smooth;everyone is scheduled with an appointment so that there is not a wait. This viewing option is offered in tandem with the take home packages, thus allowing for parents that just want to preorder can, and those that prefer to view their child's session are afforded that option.

Custom arrangements are also available. Custom plaques and multi-pose individual composites make for a special gift or to commemorate that special year in JROTC. These can be seen on our specialty products page.

Group composites. Once all the cadets have been photographed, we give you a spread sheet to verify the spelling and rank of each cadet. Also we provide you with a variety of layout options, back grounding variations, and choices of fonts, Logos, School Emblems, unit emblems etc. can be added to the composite, making it a custom creation that you can be proud to display. Your portrait comes framed and once you give final approval of the layout, we have it to you within 4 weeks or sooner. Some units have multiple block schedules that require us to photograph in the fall and again in the spring. In this case the final product is delivered after the 2 sessions are completed. Instructors are also included in the composite.

Additionally, any of the instructors that need an updated portrait for the school or a full regulation portrait for their file, we will provide a hard copy for the school and a CD or electronic image for service use. There is no charge for this service.